Club Information

For club recognition the PA Soccer Academy or PSA name must be used. For branding and identification purposes the general colors and logo should remain the same. Use of the logo and PSA name should be approved by the president before it is used publicly or any new items are ordered.

Player participation will have no boundaries as far as club or location. Players may play up with the approval of the coaches and parents. But most players are encouraged to participate at their age or grade appropriate team. Secondary players from other clubs may be approved but are not encouraged. Secondary and guest playing opportunities within the club are encouraged.

Tryouts will be at the discretion of the teams and may include tryouts by invitation or an open tryout. Open tryouts should have at least one independent evaluator and a club representative. Advertising of tryouts should be coordinated with a combined ad for the club when possible. Teams are encouraged to advertise in York, Adams, Lancaster, Dauphin and Cumberland Counties.

Teams should appoint a Treasurer and Team manager. Team accounts should be maintained with at least 2 people maintaining access to the account.

Coaches or trainers will have multiple years of Premier level soccer coaching experience with proven results demonstrating the ability to lead players and teams through the college showcase experience. Licensing and other credentials are a plus.

Coaches or trainers may be paid a fair training fee per player along with per diem travel expenses to events. Any fees should be equal to or less than competitive conditions for coaches at the time. If the coach has a player on the team they are not eligible for travel per diem.

All equipment purchases and field scheduling will be the teams responsibility.

Some overhead expenses may be collected as a club registration fee which will be in addition to the league fees.

PA Soccer Academy serves many areas such as York PA, Lancaster PA and Harrisburg PA.