PA Soccer Academy was formed in 2008 to provide a regional team (York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) for the best players in Central PA. It recognizes for a team to compete at regional and national levels the team cannot be restricted by boundaries and sometimes needs flexibility for individual or team needs.

PA Soccer Academy was formed with a focus on individual players and teams. The “Club” is a support mechanism for the teams but does not dictate to them as long as they are working in the best interest of the players and overall team while supporting the standards of the organization. The club will operate as a separate “Premier” level organization. High level professional standards and sportsmanship will be maintained at all times by coaches, players, and parents.

Teams act as independent franchises and will operate with minimal support from the organization. The formation of teams and placement of coaches must be approved by the board. The board will consist of the President, Secretary/Treasurer, VP of Boys, and VP of Girls.

The long range goal of the club is to develop teams that will prepare players for a successful High School career and beyond. Eventually, teams will be focusing on visibility for players at college showcases and regional/national level tournaments after the age of U14 to prepare players for college placement.