2007 Elite


  • Spring 2016 CPYSL Champions (7W – 0L – 1T)
  • 2016 City Islanders 2nd Place 3v3 Tournament
  • 2016 Spirit United Kick Off Tournament 2nd Place
  • 2016 Dillsburg Tournament Champions
  • 2016 Hempfield Fall Classic Champions

Expenses and Rough Schedule:

  • $349 CPYSL League Fall (September- early Nov.)
  • $80 Fields Fall
  • $300 Practice field fee Fall
  • $172 Ref Fees Fall
  • $1,200 2 Fall Tournaments (1 in August /1 in October)
  • $875 Winter II Indoor (Mid. January-Mid. March)
  • $500 Indoor Training (Mid. January-Mid. March)
  • $180 CPYSL spring
  • $80 Fields Spring
  • $172 Ref Fees Spring
  • $300 Practice field fee Spring
  • $300 Equipment fee
  • $1,200 2 Spring Tournaments (1 in March or June / 1 in May) (or 1 + Cup Tournament)
  • $5,708 - $6,000 Team Total
  • $450-$475 per player (depends on roster size, 12-13 players)

Uniform costs are also additional.

Optional Events:

  • $30 per player – FC Fusion 3v3 Tournament
  • $37 per player – Kick it Live 3v3 Tournament
  • $80 per player- Winter I Indoor League (Mid. November-December)

**Possibly others if there is interest.

The team treasurer/manager will collect $100 as a deposit after tryouts and $50 per month July-February.

This deposit will go toward your team fees, however it cannot be returned to you if you should leave the team. These costs are approximate, but extra money will be returned to you at the end of the year. Any 3v3 or optional tournaments we do will be an extra cost. Uniform costs are also additional.

Jose del Pielago

PSA U10 Boys and U13 Girls Coach



Here is a summary of the advantages of choosing PA Soccer Academy (PSA) for your U10 son.

Coaching experience

  • I have 8 years of coaching experience (4 with Seneca Valley Soccer Association, 4 with Trojan Soccer Club, 1 with FC York and 1 with PSA) – U4-U13 teams. I also ran our Trojan recreational program for 2 years and helped develop our Micro program for our younger players
  • I have 35 years of playing experience in both Select/Club soccer
  • I have a proven track record of success with developing quality soccer players and soccer teams

Coaching focus for 2016-2017

  • For the U10 age group, we will learn how to play in both the 1-2-3-1 and the 1-3-2-1 formation (7v7).
  • We will focus on building the play from the back.
  • Movement off the ball and make sure we get in shapes (triangles)
  • Be first to the ball.
  • Smart play – players that are always active with or without the ball
  • The kids are always having fun learning with no lines, no laps and no lectures.
  • Any players I add to my roster will get fair playing time.
  • I help players to set measurable goals for ball skill improvement.

PSA Overview

  • 15 teams, C and D licensed coaches
  • League associations and endorsements from CPYSL, PAGS and LANCO
  • Organized constitution, Bi-laws etc.
  • Established since 2008